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Nouvelle Garde is the promise of a new vision of the hospitality industry, with one core raison d'être:
Drinking and eating the french way
To fulfill this promise, we have set ourselves three major missions:
1/ Nourish all generations with a responsible cuisine.
2/ To defend France's culinary heritage and the French art de vivre, the art of hosting and sharing a fantastic meal.
3/ To support those with a passion for the industry by promoting equal opportunities, training and internal promotion.

For a new golden age of traditional French brasserie
La Nouvelle Garde is a group of young frenchies frantically defending the French art of living through traditional brasseries. Brasseries where people indulge in the simple pleasures of life and where morals are free, just like our cuisine.

La nouvelle garde manifesto

As an announcement of our new brasseries, and since we're getting bigger every year, we've summed up the spirit and vision of Nouvelle Garde in a beautifully designed manifesto. A sort of manifesto of our identity, it encapsulates our social model, our ambition and our raison d'être.
It presents our missions and values in all simplicity, and highlights those without whom Boire et manger à la française would not exist: our teams and our producers. Enjoy your reading!

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For a new kind of hospitality

We're not perfect, but we're determined to change everything that might improve our vision of the restaurant business: fair, honest, virtuous and caring for all those involved. We've written down on paper everything that sums up our sincere vision of the profession.

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Impact statement

Because our missions translate into concrete commitments, Nouvelle Garde produces an annual impact report. This report assesses our social and environmental commitments through a number of indicators, such as the number of breweries with the Ecotable label, the percentage of internal promotions, and the percentage of purchases made using short distribution channels and sourcing directly from our producers. It also enables us to set objectives with a view to transparency and continuous improvement.

Our objectives for the coming years? Comply with the Paris Agreements, so that we can do our bit to fight global warming. Because for us, dusting off the traditional French brasserie isn't just a question of decor, home cooking or fair sourcing.

We're not perfect, but we're keen to share our achievements and our ambition to change everything that can improve our vision of the restaurant business: fair, honest, virtuous, and mindful of all those involved.

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MER 27.09


de 22h30 à 1h30

JEU 07.09


de 22h30 à 1h30

L’égérie française du disco-pop que l’on avait aimé découvrir en 2018 avec son album « Un air de fête » et sa crinière ouvrira le bal en ce mois de Septembre. L’interprète de ‘Pluie fine’ ou encore ‘Il fait chaud’ passe cette fois derrière les platines de Grouvie pour une sélection de titres issus de ses inspirations et croyez-nous… il va faire chaud !