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In 2024, Lille will be the place to be! At 32 rue Lepelletier, tucked between typical northern-style buildings, stands Brasserie Campion. The first regional opening of the Nouvelle Garde and a veritable house of laughter, Brasserie Campion oscillates between the codes of its new region and those of its history.

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Less than 13 people

Our booking capacity is very limited, so don't panic, as many of our places are available WITHOUT booking, both for lunch and dinner.

We'll keep your table warm for up to 15 minutes.

De 13 à 20 personnes

Merci de contacter directement la brasserie par mail :

À partir de 20 personnes

Si vous êtes plus de 20 à vouloir en découdre, notre brasserie est privatisable entièrement ou en partie.

Merci de remplir le formulaire de demande de réservation ci-dessus.

La Nouvelle Garde - nos menus

En période d’ouverture, nos menus sont sujets à des évolutions fréquentes.

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Everyday from 12pm to 14:30pm
(until 3pm on saturdays, sundays and festive days)

Sam – Dim : de 15h à 18h30

Everyday from 7pm to 10:30pm 
(until 11pm on thursdays – saturdays and festive days)

03 20 85 69 93


That's our motto. We'll never have tomatoes on our plates in the middle of the winter. We cook everything with the freshest produce, and our menus constantly evolve with the seasons.


We cook absolutely everything in-house, using carefully selected raw ingredients. We receive our meat carcasses whole and raise our fish ourselves. 


We're fighting to save our French gastronomic heritage, so wherever possible we source almost all our products locally and regionally.


We deal directly with a multitude of producers, not only for our cooking but also for our cellar. Our potatoes, mesclun and charcuterie, to name but a few.

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Eating and drinking the French way

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For the first time outside Paris, the Brasserie Nouvelle Garde is reinventing itself in line with local produce. Borrowing some of the codes of northern architecture, this city building is designed as a discreet urban inn. Among other features, it boasts a beautiful, large glass roof where you can eat under the open sky. A real escape from the urban hustle and bustle, it stands as the beating heart of Brasserie Campion. For good reason, it houses the keystone of every Nouvelle Garde brasserie, the kitchen that opens onto the dining room. On the plate, it's the same old story: the unmissable Nouvelle Garde hits share the limelight with the great classics of Northern cuisine.

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MER 27.09


de 22h30 à 1h30

JEU 07.09


de 22h30 à 1h30

L’égérie française du disco-pop que l’on avait aimé découvrir en 2018 avec son album « Un air de fête » et sa crinière ouvrira le bal en ce mois de Septembre. L’interprète de ‘Pluie fine’ ou encore ‘Il fait chaud’ passe cette fois derrière les platines de Grouvie pour une sélection de titres issus de ses inspirations et croyez-nous… il va faire chaud !