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You will receive a code by email directly after placing your order, which you can pass on to the recipient of the voucher so that they can use it by giving it to us on the spot after their meal. You can choose below the brewery for which you wish to offer a gift voucher. Vouchers cannot be used for a brewery other than the one initially selected. 

You can personalise your voucher by downloading the templates at the bottom of the page!


Located a stone's throw from Gare du Nord in Paris's 10th arrondissement, Brasserie Bellanger is the first brasserie of La Nouvelle Garde, opening in 2019. Take a seat at the counter and enjoy home-cooked, seasonal cuisine as the cooks perform their ballet. Immersed in an exquisitely retro decor, Brasserie Bellanger is home to a joyful and vibrant atmosphere.


Brasserie Bellanger set the foundations of our ambition. But we quickly realized that we needed more than just a brasserie to celebrate the French terroir, French gastronomy and French heritage that we pride ourselves on representing. That's how Brasserie Dubillot, the second brasserie of La Nouvelle Garde, was born in summer 2021. One of the reasons the place is so exciting is the charcoal-fired kitchen hidding behind its stoves.


We've anchored our third brasserie in Paris's 11th arrondissement. Nestled right at the corner of the bucolique Square Gardette, its stunning façade - featuring a two-tone awning, a stained-glass window featuring a roast chicken effigy, fiery neon lights and prolific greenery - can be seen from the rue Saint-Maur. Brasserie Martin is an imposing local joint that shares the same vocation as its predecessors: to fervently uphold the French art of living.


Nestled along the length and breadth of the lovely Cour du Commerce in Saint-Germain-Des- Prés, Brasserie Des Prés, Nouvelle Garde's fourth address, is the embodiment of a Left Bank getaway experience. It offers 180 places inside and 40 on its terrace. For the first time, this fiercely terroir restaurant, with its ever-paced ambience, takes on the great, almost bourgeois classics of traditional French cuisine.


For the first time in our wild young history, we're venturing out of the capital, off to Neuilly-sur-Seine. Between earthly pleasures and oceany delights, Brasserie Charlie brings a deliciously refreshing breeze to the west of Paris. With 90 seats inside and 42 Drucker chairs lining on its veranda, this tasteful establishment subtly swirls around the sea mist thanks to its mesmerizing seafood counter bar.


In 2024, Lille will be the place to be! At 32 rue Lepelletier, tucked between typical northern-style buildings, stands Brasserie Campion. The first regional opening of the Nouvelle Garde and a veritable house of laughter, Brasserie Campion oscillates between the codes of its new region and those of its history.

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If you'd like to give a nice paper gift voucher, download the file below and print out the voucher from the brewery concerned. Please note that this voucher has no value for its holder. Only the gift voucher code received by email after the order is valid. 

MER 27.09


de 22h30 à 1h30

JEU 07.09


de 22h30 à 1h30

L’égérie française du disco-pop que l’on avait aimé découvrir en 2018 avec son album « Un air de fête » et sa crinière ouvrira le bal en ce mois de Septembre. L’interprète de ‘Pluie fine’ ou encore ‘Il fait chaud’ passe cette fois derrière les platines de Grouvie pour une sélection de titres issus de ses inspirations et croyez-nous… il va faire chaud !