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For the first time in our wild young history, we're venturing out of the capital, off to Neuilly-sur-Seine. Between earthly pleasures and oceany delights, Brasserie Charlie brings a deliciously refreshing breeze to the west of Paris. With 90 seats inside and 42 Drucker chairs lining on its veranda, this tasteful establishment subtly swirls around the sea mist thanks to its mesmerizing seafood counter bar.

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Brasserie Charlie - Devanture

Less than 13 people

Our booking capacity is very limited, so don't panic, as many of our places are available WITHOUT booking, both for lunch and dinner.

We'll keep your table warm for up to 15 minutes.

De 13 à 20 personnes

Merci de contacter directement la brasserie par mail :

À partir de 20 personnes

Si vous êtes plus de 20 à vouloir en découdre, notre brasserie est privatisable entièrement ou en partie.

Merci de remplir le formulaire de  demande de réservation ci-dessus.

Brasserie Charlie - Cuisine


De 9h00 à 0h00

De 9h00 à 11h00

12:00 pm to 2:30 pm (until 3pm Saturday and Sunday)
(jusqu’à 15h samedi, dimanche et jours fériés)

De 14h30 à 19h00

7:00 pm to 10:30 pm (last order)
(until 11pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

01 74 54 13 76


That's our motto. We'll never have tomatoes on our plates in the middle of the winter. We cook everything with the freshest produce, and our menus constantly evolve with the seasons.


We cook absolutely everything in-house, using carefully selected fresh produce. We receive our meat carcasses whole and clean our fish ourselves. We even make the sausage for our saucisse- purée in our charcuterie lab at Brasserie Martin.


On se bat pour sauver notre patrimoine gastronomique français, alors dans la mesure du possible on se fournit autour d’ici, et en région sur la presque totalité de nos produits.


We deal directly with a wide range of producers, not only for our cooking matters but also when it comes to wines for our cellars. For instance, our fries and mashed potato are made from potatoes grown in the Baie de Somme, and our mixed greens come from Seine-et-Marne.

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Eating and drinking the French way

Brasserie Charlie-Verriere

In this cozy brasserie with its retro-Romantic townhouse feel, our fervent love for French cuisine is as proudly displayed at the table as it is in our other hideaways. While our eggs-mayo, snails raised in France and homemade sausage-purée are still the order of the day, there's also a delicious wave of ocean flavors on the plate. A beautiful bar oyster steals the show, there the Rolls Royce of the French oyster shines alongside other guests such as whelks, crab and other treasures of the sea. Conviviality invites itself at the center of the table, with big pieces to share such as the veal chop with a mushroom sauce or the American-style monkfish cuddled with a shellfish bisque.

Brasserie Charlie - Plats
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MER 27.09


de 22h30 à 1h30

JEU 07.09


de 22h30 à 1h30

L’égérie française du disco-pop que l’on avait aimé découvrir en 2018 avec son album « Un air de fête » et sa crinière ouvrira le bal en ce mois de Septembre. L’interprète de ‘Pluie fine’ ou encore ‘Il fait chaud’ passe cette fois derrière les platines de Grouvie pour une sélection de titres issus de ses inspirations et croyez-nous… il va faire chaud !